Burkert – Reduce Process Control Costs

Burkert – Reduce Process Control Costs

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How to reduce process control costs by managing sensors and transducers more effectively.…by Volker Erbe, Bürkert’s Global Sensors Product Manager

The first areas that instinctively spring to mind when a process professional is challenged to reduce process control costs are usually purchase cost and installation. Why not? They are the obvious ones and they are the easiest to define and list, when viewed as part of a system however, purchase cost plays only a small part; managing the multiple signals from sensors and transducers differently can radically affect the total cost of ownership for that process system…

Careful analysis conducted by Volker Erbe, Sensors Product Manager at process control specialist Bürkert Fluid Control Systems investigating the whole life costs associated with field devices such as sensors, transducers and the control platform they are connected to, has revealed there could be far larger savings to be had from making changes to product selection at the initial stage of a project, changes that can have huge cost repercussions that occur during the less obvious operational phase, those such as training, start-up, process operator time, service, repairs and documentation.

Further information on Volker’s research can discovered here.