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5824IMO Jaguar Cub Inverters.

IMO iDrive Technology


Ideal for the OEM and end users alike, this powerful little inverter uses the latest Simplified Torque Vector open loop control architecture to give optimum torque output from a standard AC motor.

Here at Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd, we source, stock and supply a wide range of IMO Jaguar Cub Inverters which are available on our same day despatch service throughout the United Kingdom. As an official IMO Precision Controls distributor, we are able to source and supply all products within their range quicker and cheaper than many of our main competitors.

The Jaguar CUB drives deliver a higher motor starting torque using STV technology, a simplified version of IMO’s Jaguar renowned torque-vector control system for consistently powerful operation. Running at 5Hz and employing both advanced magnetic fluid estimator and motor slip compensation with auto-boost, starting torque can be as much as 150% or more.

The drive is available in ratings from 0.4kW through to 2.2kW in single phase/230V,  and 0.4kW to 4kW in 3 phase/400V. CUB’s rated at 1.5kW and above can be specified with an integral braking resistor, while smaller models can be easily connected to an external bolt-on braking resistor option making it ideal for applications such as stopping higher inertia loads that call for large reserves of regenerative braking power.

By keeping motor loss to a minimum, the Jaguar CUB saves electrical power in fan or pump applications and thanks to its unique technology, it improves voltage control performance and reduces motor instability at low speed to about a half or less, at 1Hz, than that of a conventional inverter. Even when the motor load fluctuates, the slip compensation function ensures smooth operation.

With its impressively high specification and feature set, the built-in benefits of the CUB make it the perfect choice for small applications such as fans, conveyors, chemical dosing pumps, chairlifts, lab mixers and food processing equipment.

For further information relating to this product or any others within our catalogue range, please call us on 01603 403 190, or alternatively, email us at sales@parkerhydraulics.co.uk today to request a free quotation or to purchase any of our products.


Output Frequency 0.5 – 400Hz
Overload Capacity 150% for 60 secs – 200% for   0.5 secs
Power Supply Voltage 1 phase, 200-240V, -15%/+10% 3 phase, 380-480V, -15%/+10%
Starting Torque 200% at 5Hz
PVM Switching Frequency 0.75kHz – 14kHz
Enclosure IP20
Communications RS485/Modbus RTU
Dynamic braking Inbuilt
EMC Class A External Option Integrated External Option Integrated
Class B External Option External Option External Option External Option
Motor Power (kW/HP) 0.37/0.55 CUB3A-1                 CUB3A-1E            CUB1A5-4           CUB1A5-4E           
0.75/1 CUB5A-1                 CUB5A-1E              CUB2A5-4              CUB2A5-4E           
1.5/2 CUB8A-1                 CUB8A-1E              CUB3A7-4              CUB3A7-4E           
2.2/3 CUB11A-1               CUB11A-1E            CUB5A5-4              CUB5A5-4E    
4/5.5 CUB9A-4                CUB9A-4E       

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