Gates Hose Couplings

Gates Hose Couplings – MegaCrimp and GlobalSpiral Hose Fittings

Gates produces and sells many ranges of hydraulic hose couplings. The two most popular lines of Gates hose fittings are their MegaCrimp and GlobalSpiral ranges to suit their hydraulic hoses.

The MegaCrimp line is used on Gates’ medium pressure braided range of hydraulic hoses while the GlobalSpiral line is used on Gates’ high pressure spiral hydraulic hoses.

MegaCrimp couplings have a patented “C” insert, attached to the ferrule, that accommodates hose of different constructions and wall thicknesses. The insert’s design ensures crimping forces are evenly distributed to form a concentric seal. The “C” insert simplifies inventory requirements since one MegaCrimp coupling size can accommodate various hose outside diameters, on both one and two wire braid hydraulic hose. The key features for MegaCrimp couplings are their low profile, the “bite the wire” crimp, full stem insertion, full length crimp, 3x SAE requirements for standard impulse cycles, and TuffCoat plating for corrosion resistance.

GlobalSpiral couplings are specifically engineered to provide superior performance for extreme high pressure, high impulse spiral wire hydraulic hose applications. They can be used with all Gates MegaSys four and six spiral wire hose up to 8,000 psi. The two piece, no skive design reduces assembly time, labour, fabrication errors and contamination of the fluid power system. The work area stays clean, and the odours and dust normally created by skiving are eliminated. In addition, the two piece design reduces parts inventory by 30 percent because only one stem is required for all spiral wire hose types. The key features for GlobalSpiral couplings are the “bite the wire” crimp, the availability of over 30 thread configurations, and 2x SAE requirements for impulse cycles at 250 degrees F.

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