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Brand Hydraulics


Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd is proud to announce that the Brand Hydraulics range of variable priority flow dividers will now be distributed in to the U.K market by ourselves. Working together with Brand Hydraulics, we aim to offer the U.K market an alternative variable priority flow divider which has been purposefully designed, manufactured, assembled and tested to specifically meet all of the end-users applications and needs. With over 100 distributors in North America alone, Brand is widely recognised for producing high quality and extremely reliable products and services which are used on a daily basis in a number of industries.

Brand Hydraulics is strongly committed to the future of hydraulics and electro-hydraulic components and plans to continue developing hydraulic valves, electronic controllers and products which incorporate both (electro-hydraulics). This is demonstrated through Brand’s investment in technology, which is incredibly impressive, relative to their size.  They incorporate state of the art computers and manufacturing equipment in order to help realize their mission statement. Brand’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement is evident in their ISO 9001 certification. Brand was certified to ISO9001:1994 in January of 2002 and has since upgraded to ISO9001:2008 With Design.

Brand Hydraulics Product Range

Providing the highest quality products and services possible.
Customer satisfaction every time at a competitive price.

Brand Hydraulics Variable Priority Flow Dividers technical information can be located here.


Customer Service: At Brand, our well-trained and responsive staff is always ready and able to answer or help with any questions or problems you may have. No customer is too small. No question goes unanswered. We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers — before and long after the sale.

Your Brand Team of experienced personnel is willing and able to make modifications to existing products to fit your specific applications — something other hydraulic manufacturers are not always willing to do. It’s all part of going the extra mile for our customers. We expect nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance: Before we manufacture any hydraulic valve or component, it must meet the high standard the Brand name demands. We stand behind every product that leaves our doors. Each one carefully designed, tested, re-tested, checked and rechecked until we are 100% satisfied it meets stringent performance standards and exact specifications. Our advanced technology and up-to-date training assures you get the very best people putting together the very best product available.


** Please note that this is just a small selection of the Brand Hydraulic range which is available. For further ranges, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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