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5729Replacement Elements.

MP Filtri Filtration


Here at Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd, we stock a wide variety of MP Filtri replacement elements, which are available from stock on our same day despatch service throughout the United Kingdom. As an official MP Filtri distributor, we are able to source and supply all items in their range quicker and cheaper in comparison to our competitors.

At the heart of every filter is the filter element. This is literally the core of efficient, effective filtration. Any system requires the  oil to be clean, as well as operate effectively, and to have a good  service life. It is essential to use quality, genuine MP Filtri elements when replacing is required.

Filter Element Technology

An absolute element reflects the efficiency of the element. The  efficiency of an element is measured in Beta Ratio. MP Filtri elements  are rated at Beta 1000 which means that our elements are 99.50%  efficient. Our absolute elements are made up of 5 layers. We use 2  layers of pre-filtration media and support with wire mesh backing. The  actual filtration media is inorganic glass fibre. This is available in  3, 6, 10 16 & 25 micron.

MP Filtri Replacement Elements

As filtration experts, our research and development team has found that this method of manufacture is proven to supply:

  • Very Good Efficiency
  • Excellent Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Good Pressure & Flow Strength Characteristics
  • Suitability for all Fluids
  • For further information regarding this product or any of our other product ranges, please call us on 01603 403 190, or alternatively, email us at sales@parkerhydraulics.co.uk today to request a free quotation or to purchase any of our items.


    Part Number
    MF-020-2-P10-NB MF-100-3-P25-NB MF-400-2-P10-NB
    MF-020-2-P25-NB MF-100-3-A10-HB MF-400-2-P25-NB
    MF-030-1-P10-NB MF-100-3-A25-HB MF-400-3-A10-HB
    MF-030-1-P25-NB MF-180-1-P10-NB MF-400-3-A25-HB
    MF-100-1-P10-NB MF-180-1-P25-NB CS-050-A-10A
    MF-100-1-P25-NB MF-180-1-A10-HB CS-050-P-10A
    MF-100-1-A25-HB MF-180-1-A25-HB CS-050-P-25A
    MF-100-1-M90-NB MF-180-2-P10-NB CS-100-A-10A
    MF-100-2-P10-NB MF-180-2-A10-HB CS-100-P-10A
    MF-100-2-P25-NB MF-400-1-P10-NB CS-100-P-25A
    MF-100-2-A10-HB MF-400-1-P25-NB CS-150-A-10A
    MF-100-2-A25-HB MF-400-1-A10-HB CS-150-P-10A
    MF-100-3-P10-NB MF-400-1-A25-HB CS-150-P-25A
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