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7606RMF Filters.




RMF Systems radial micro filter units are characterized by their extremely efficient filter elements with a fineness of 0.5 micron. If required different micron sizes are available to suit any specific application. The Off-line filters can also be equipped with special water absorbing pre-filters in case of extreme water contamination. These water absorbing spin-on cans will remove most of the water prior to the fluid reaching the cellulose element. Specially designed for industrial hydraulic installations the RMF Off-line filters are available in single or multiple housing configurations. The Off-line filter units can be easily mounted to new and existing hydraulic installations. By means of an integrated pump-motor unit in the Off-line filter, the oil is pumped from the reservoir through the filter unit. After filtering the oil is returned to tank. Off-line filters can continue to work even when the main system is not in use. Element change can also be done without interfering with the main system.


The hydraulic market accepts that 80% of mechanical failures are caused by contamination in the system. The RMF Off-line filters attack this contamination at source and in addition to solid particles. These filters are also capable of removing water from the oil. This prevents the catalytic reaction of water and solid particle contamination, resulting in extended useable oil life. The use of RMF filters means less defects, less maintenance, and less wear and tear of the hydraulic components.


RMF Off-line filter units can be fitted to every imaginable industrial application where hydraulic and/or lubrication systems are present. The standard range of Off-line filters can be utilized in reservoirs with a maximum volume of 11,000 litres. A large selection in electrical motors is available, ranging from single phase, three phase to explosion proof. In recent years RMF Systems have developed a great deal of experience in cleaning and keeping clean hydraulic and lubrication systems in the:

  • Steel industry
  • Plastic moulding industry
  • Maritime industry
  • Petro chemical industry
  • Paper industry


  • Extremely clean oil due to high filtration efficiency
  • Prevention of channel forming by radial filtration direction
  • Increased flow capacity
  • Large dirt holding capacity
  • Large water holding capacity
  • Compact and easy-maintenance design
  • Environmentally friendly elements available
  • Longer usage life for oil and components
  • Reduces cost of ownership

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