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3409Gates Hydraulic Machinery.

Gates Hydraulic Machinery


Gates hydraulic machinery is available from Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd. Here at Parkers, we stock and have the ability to source Gates crimpers and cutters so that our customers are able to save themselves time and money. We are also able to offer demonstrations and training for all of our hydraulic tools so that the end user is fully equipped to be able to use our products safely and effectively.

Gates self-assembly cutters and crimpers are ideal for those needing to do on-site work as they are portable and allows the end user to make up hose assemblies there and then on site which allows them to save a significant amount of time. These machines are ideal for those that need to repair and maintain hydraulic systems as they allow for quick and easy hose assembly manufacturing.

At Parker Hydraulics, we are able to supply packages wherein the end user can select a wide range of hose and hydraulic fittings/adaptors to suit their own tailored needs. A selection of our crimper packages can be found here. These crimper packages can be tailored and altered to suit your needs while also helping you to make significant savings in time and money by allowing you to be able to produce your own hose assemblies on site. Call us today for a free quotation on 01603 403 190 or email us at sales@parkerhydraulics.co.uk.

Gates MKX30 Hose Cutter


MKX 30

Gates MKX50 Hose Cutter


MKX 50

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