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3113Gates MCX25 Hose Crimpers.

Gates Hydraulic Machinery


With Gates MCX25 hose crimpers, safe, fast and efficient assembly of hydraulic hoses and couplings is made simple in the workshop. All machines are custom-designed to work with a well-defined range of Gates hoses and couplings allowing production of factory-quality assemblies fully complying with European Directives and the most stringent international standards.

The MCX 25 is a compact crimper for low-volume production. Ideal as a starter machine for small workshops. Crimps no-skive GlobalSpiral couplings up to 1″ and no-skive MegaCrimp couplings for wire-braid hose up to 1 ¼”. Equipped with a die set storage rack allowing for logically organised die storage within easy reach of the operator, thus speeding up die selection and assembly. Also available for mobile service with a DC power pack.

The MCX25 hydraulic hose crimper is available from Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd as an individual hose crimper 0r as part of a package complete with a hose cutter, hose and couplings of choice. By ordering a crimper package, you benefit from the best possible prices and our on site training and expertise should you require it. Contact us today for further information on 01603 403 190 or alternatively, email us at sales@parkerhydraulics.co.uk.

Gates MCX25 Hose Crimper

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