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3136Gates MKX50 Hose Cutters.

Gates Hydraulic Machinery


In the workshop, Gates MKX50 hose cutters ensure that safe, fast and efficient assembly of hydraulic hoses and couplings is made simple. All machines are custom-designed to work with a well-defined range of Gates hoses and couplings allowing production of factory-quality assemblies fully complying with European Directives and the most stringent international standards.

The MKX 50 is a heavy-duty pneumatic hose cutter allowing quick and reliable production across all hose size ranges. Cuts up to 2” six spiral wire hose. For workshops professionals who want to further enhance their set-up and improve the ease-of-use, we have a complete kit available also including a machine table and air compressor.

This particular hose cutter is predominantly used in workshops and is available from Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd and is ideally suited for cutting a wide variety of hose sizes all the way up to 2″ (inch). This cutter enables the end user to be able to cut hoses to size in their own workshops as and when they need it thus helping them to reduce wastage.

Gates cutters and other hydraulic tools are available form ourselves in the form of hose and fittings packages thus enabling the end user to benefit from a cheaper price when ordering one of these. We are able to supply cutters and crimpers along with various sizes of hose and fittings depending on your hydraulic and swaging needs . Contact us today for a free quotation on 01603 403 190 or email us at sales@parkerhydraulics.co.uk.

Gates MKX50 Hose Cutter

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