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Here at Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd, we source, stock and supply a wide range of Hydac Accumulators and Accumulator technology products which are available throughout the United Kingdom. As an official Hydac distributor, we are able to offer the full range of Hydac products which are available at the most competitive prices on the market today.

The Hydac range of products is vast, offering multiple solutions to all of your hydraulic needs and applications. The Hydac brand is known globally for its highly reliable and high quality products which are used in a vast range of industries on a daily basis throughout the world.

For further information on Hydac filter elements or any other products within their range, please call us on 01603 403 190, or alternatively, email us at sales@parkerhydraulics.co.uk today to request a free quotation or to purchase any of our products.


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Hydac Accumulators


… are hydropneumatic accumulators with a flexible bladder as a separation element between a compressible gas cushion and the operating fluid.

HYDAC bladder accumulators are comprised of either a welded or a forged pressure vessel, the accumulator bladder and the armatures for the gas-side and fluid-side connection.
In addition to the standard construction design, custom designs for special application cases are also available, in particular for very high discharge velocities (e.g. up to 100 l/s) and pressures (e.g. up to 1,000 bar).

Essential specifications are:

  • Nominal volume: 0.5 … 450 l,
  • Permitted operating pressure: up to 1,000 bar
  • Standard elastomers: NBR, ECO, IIR, FKM (FPM).
  • Accumulator shell materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium.

The following advantages set HYDAC bladder accumulators apart:

  • high discharge speeds,
  • no pressure differential between fluid side and gas side,
  • compact, low-maintenance
  • High charging and discharge frequencies.

** Please note that this is just a small selection of the Hydac accumulators we have available. Further product ranges are available upon request. Please contact us for further details.

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