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9751Spilkleen Granules.

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Here at Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd, we stock a wide variety of absorbent granules, with the Spilkleen granules range being amongst the most popular. The Spilkleen granules range is a recycled mixture of absorbent clay which can be used in a number of situations ranging from workshops to on-site usage.

With over 35 years experience in the hydraulics industry, we are well positioned and extremely knowledgeable to the extent that we are able to supply and advise our customers on numerous hydraulic applications. As an official distributor. we work in collaboration with Fosse Liquitrol, we aim to ensure our customers are provided with high quality, premium products at affordable prices. The Fosse Liquitrol range of products is known for its high quality and extreme reliability across a wide variety of industries.

Description: Calcium carbonate / clay mixture. Mixed particle size.

Benefits: Absorbent clay granules. Does not mud. Fast clean up properties. Cost effective. Non-flammable. Environmentally acceptable by-product material which fulfils government guidelines on recycling.

Order Code: MGSG18C

Spilkleen Granules

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