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8857Ambersil Cleaning Products.

Ambersil Products


Here at Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd, we source, stock and supply a wide range of Ambersil Cleaning Products which are available on our same day despatch service throughout the United Kingdom.

Ambersil cleaning products are used for a wide range of purposes. Their applications range from being used to remove everyday grime and dirt all the way through to electronic and aviation components.

Ambersil also produce a wide range of lubrication products which too can be used for a wide range of purposes. Other Ambersil products available include anti-corrosion, inspection/deection, welding, food grade cleaning and lubrication, anti-moulding, paint and surface preparation and paint marker pen ranges.

For further information relating to this product or any others within our range, please call us on 01603 403 190, or alternatively, email us at sales@parkerhydraulics.co.uk today to request a free quotation or to purchase any of our products.

Ambersil Cleaning Products

Amberclens 400 ml, 750 ml, 5 litres Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner for General Grime & Soiling
Amberklene FE10 400 ml Fast Drying Solvent for Machinery Degreasing
BA40 Solvent 400 ml Water Soluble Solvent for Uncured Sealants & Adhesives
Ambersolv 400 ml, 5 litres Citrus Based Solvent Cleaner for Industrial & Aerospace
Amberklene ME20 400 ml Heavy Duty Solvent for Tough & Old Grease Deposits
Ambertron 400 ml Contact Cleaner for Critical Electronic Components
Amberklene LO30 400 ml, 5 litres Low Odour Solvent for General Degreasing
Lec-Klene 400 ml High Flash Point Solvent Electronic & Aviation Components
Brake Cleaner 500 ml Non-Chlorated Solvent for Removal of Brake Fluid, Grease & Oil
Fast Clean 200 & 201 400 ml Super Fast Degreaser for General Degreasing
Solvenet Degreaser 5 litres Water Rinsable Degreaser for Engine & Equipment Degreasing
GS 5 400 ml Gasket Stripper Thread Locking Compounds
EPP 5 litres Hard Surface Cleaner for Grease, Oil, Wax & Polish
Ambersolv SB1 400 ml, 5 litres Citrus Based Solvent Cleaner for Dissolves Grease & Grime
PCB Cleaner 400 ml Light Soiling Removal for Production Line Electronics
Flux Remover 400 ml Contamination Penetrator for Electronic Component Repair
CCL100 400 ml Contact Cleaner & Lubricant for Electrical Contacts & Switch Gear
Anti-Static Spray 400 ml Static Control for Plastic Surfaces to Control Static
N F Precision Cleaner 400 ml Non-Flammable for Delicate Electronics
EPP Degreaser 750 ml, 5 litres Biodegradeable Cleaner Degreaser for Hydraulic Systems, Gearboxes & Pumps
Invertible Air Duster 200 ml Powerful, Dry, Inert Gas for Dry Air Blast For Electronics
IPA 400 ml Isopropyl Alcohol Electronic Cleaning Solvent for Optocal Devices, Switches & PCB’s
Universal Screen Cleaner 400 ml Screen Cleaner for Removes Grime & Finger Marks
Ambersil Wipes Pack Size: 30 or 100 High Absorbency Cleaning Wipes for Super High Absorbency Hand Wipes
Glass Cleaner 400 ml Glass Cleaner for Glazed & Ceramic Surfaces
Air Duster 400 ml Dust Remover for Removal of Dust & Loose Contamination
Yellow Hand Cleaner 2.8 litres, 15 litres For Use in Workshops for Removal of Grime & Grease
Multi-Surface Polish 400 ml Polish for Hard Surfaces for Removal of Industrial Soiling
Label Remover 200 ml For Self-Adhesive Labels & Stickers for Removes All Types of Labels
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