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7565Ace GZ-15 Gas Springs.

Ace Controls


Industrial traction gas springs are maintenance-free and ready to install. They are available with body diameters from 15 mm to 40 mm and forces from 30 N to 5000 N with valve. ACE GZ-15 gas springs offer a long service life due to the hard-chromed piston rod and integral sliding bearing. They can be installed in any position. the traction force can be subsequently adjusted by means of the valve. The comprehensive range of fitting parts ensures easy installation and makes the traction gas springs universal in use. They supply the muscle force and enable the controlled raising and lowering of covers, hoods, flaps etc. With the free ACE calculation service, the traction gas springs are designed with mounting points to fit the individual application.

Function: ACE industrial traction gas springs are maintenance-free, closed systems, which are filled with pressurised nitrogen gas. Compared to the push-type, ACE traction gas springs work in the reverse way. The piston rod is retracted by the gas pressure in the cylinder. The surface of the piston ring between the piston rod and the inner tube determines the force of the gas spring. Traction gas springs are always mounted with the stroke fully compressed

Operating fluid: Nitrogen gas        Mounting: In any position        Operating temperature range: -20° C to 80° C

On request: Special force curves, special lengths, alternative seals and end fittings

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Type Stroke (mm) Length (Retracted In mm)
GZ-15-20 20 mm 87 mm
GZ-15-40 40 mm 107 mm
GZ-15-50 50 mm 117 mm
GZ-15-60 60 mm 127 mm
GZ-15-80 80 mm 147 mm
GZ-15-100 100 mm 167 mm
GZ-15-120 120 mm 187 mm
GZ-15-150 150 mm 217 mm
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