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7271Ace MA30-MA900 Shock Absorbers.

Ace Controls


Ace MA30-MA900 shock absorbers are maintenance-free, self-contained hydraulic components. If you prefer a fully adjustable shock absorber rather than a self-compensating model on your application then the MA series provide a directly interchangeable alternative. The adjustable series include an integrated mechanical stop. These adjustable units have stroke lengths (MA900 with 40 mm super-stroke) to provide smooth deceleration and low reaction forces. The MA150 incorporates the proven rolling diaphragm seal (used on the MC150 to MC600 range) and shares all the advantages of that technology. The stepless adjustment range of the MA series covers an effective weight range from 0.2 kg up to 2040 kg.

Adjustment: On models MA30 up to MA150: by turning the adjustment screw at the rear. On the larger sizes: by turning the adjustment knob against the scale marked 0 to 9. After installation, cycle the machine a few times and turn the adjustment system until optimum deceleration is achieved (i.e. smooth deceleration throughout the stroke). Hard impact at the start of stroke Adjust the ring towards 9 or PLUS. Hard impact at the end of stroke: Adjust the ring towards 0 or MINUS.

Impact velocity range: Ensure that effective weight of application is within the range of the unit chosen. Special range units available on request.

W4 capacity rating; (max. energy per hour Nm/hr). If your application exceeds the tabulated W4 figures, consider cooling i.e. cylinder exhaust air etc. Contact us for further details.

Mounting: In any position. If precise end position datum is required, consider use of the optional stop collar type AH. Install a mechanical stop 0.5 to 1 mm before end stroke on FA1008.

Operating temperature range: 0° C to 66° C.

On request: Weartec finish (seawater resistant). Other special finishes available to special order.

For further information regarding this product or any of our other items, please call us on 01603 403 190 or alternatively, email us at sales@parkerhydraulics.co.uk today to request a free quotation or to purchase any of our products.

Part Number Max. Energy Capacity Effective Weight me Min Return Force (N) Max Return Force (N) Rod Reset Time (S)
W3 W4 Self Compensating
Nm/Cycle Nm/H me min. Kg me max. Kg
MA30EUM 3.5 5 650 0.23 15 1.7 5.3 0.3
FA1008VD-B 1.8 3 600 0.2 10 3 6 0.3
MA50EUM 5.5 13 550 4.5 20 3 6 0.3
MA35EUM 4 6 000 6 57 5 11 0.2
MA150EUM 22 35 000 1 109 3 5 0.4
MA225EUM 25 45 000 2.3 226 5 10 0.1
MA600EUM 68 68 000 9 1 360 10 30 0.2
MA900EUM 100 90 000 14 2 040 10 35 0.4
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