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7210Ace Stainless Steel Shock Absorbers.

Ace Controls


Based on the successful damping technology of the MAGNUM-Series, ACE offers this self-adjusting industrial shock absorber in complete stainless steel design. On the Ace stainless steel shock absorbers, all outer parts, such as outer body, stop collar, and main bearing are manufactured of V4A (material spec. number 1.4404). The MAGNUM VA series is therefore ideally suited for applications within the fields of medical technology, the food industry, electronics and the marine and associated industries. The MAGNUM VA series offers all the proven advantages of the MAGNUM standard series, like its robust and most modern seal technology, the highest energy absorption in a compact design, an integrated mechanical stop, and a wide range of effective weights. This series is available in thread sizes M33 x x1.5 to M64 x 2 with stroke lengths of up to 100mm. The MAGNUM VA series also offers a rod button made of V4A with a polyurethane element to reduce noise levels. Additionally, all MAGNUM VA dampers are filled with a special oil that conforms to the approval requirements (NSF-H1) of the food industry ex stock.

Impact velocity range: 0.15 to 5 m/s, on request under 0.15 m/s and up to 20 m/s.

Operating fluid: Special oil NSF-H1 approved.

Material: Outer body, main bearing and locknut: Stainless steel (1.4404/AISI 316L). Accessories: Stainless steel (1.4404/AISI 316L). Piston rod: Hardened and chrome plated high tensile steel. Button: Stainless steel (1.4404/AISI 316L) with elastomer insert. Return spring: Stainless steel.

Capacity rating: For emergency use only applications, it is sometimes possible to exceed the published max. capacity ratings. Please consult us for further details. If your application exceeds the tabulated W4 figures (max. energy per hour Nm/hr), consider additional cooling. Ask us for further details.

Mounting: In any position.   Operating temperature range: -12° C to 70° C.   On request: Special oils, Viton seals and special accessories.

Noise reduction: 3 to 7 dB when using the impact buttons with urethane insert.

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Part Number Max. Energy Capacity Effective Weight me Min Return Force (N) Max Return Force (N) Rod Reset Time (S)
W3 W4 Self Compensating
Nm/Cycle Nm/H me min. Kg me max. Kg
MC3325EUM-V4A 155 75 000 3 1 420 45 90 0.03
MC3350EUM-V4A 310 85 00 5 2 830 45 135 0.06
MC4525EUM-V4A 340 107 000 7 3 540 70 100 0.03
MC4550EUM-V4A 680 112 000 13 7 100 70 145 0.08
MC4575EUM-V4A 1 020 146 000 20 10 600 50 180 0.11
MC6450EUM-V4A 1 700 146 000 35 21 200 90 155 0.12
MC64100EUM-V4A 3 400 192 000 70 42 500 105 270 0.34
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