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IVAC Cylinders - IMI Norgren

IVAC Cylinders

IVAC Cylinders (Integrated Valve and Actuator Control) are manufactured by IMI Norgren, they combine a linear actuator, a glandless control valve, two reed or solid state switches and speed controllers into one integrated product whilst still maintaining the dimension measurements in accordance with ISO 15552.

With IVAC Cylinders utilising an integrated valve therefore reducing tubing requirements it offers increased energy efficiency saving energy usage by up to 50%, as well as reducing the number of parts purchase, stock and install on your machine. As IVAC maintains the ISO 15552 dimension standard, the extensive range of mountings and accessories available on IMI Norgren’s standard profile and tie rod actuators also all fit the IVAC range.

  • Magnetic piston rod as standard
  • Cleanline Profile barrel with integrated switches
  • Glandless spool valve for extended life and high performance
  • Adjustable flow regulator for speed control
  • Single air and electrical connection for simple and quick installation
  • Conforms to ISO 15552 dimensions
  • Incorporates M/50 Switches
  • Available in a wide range of bore sizes from 32mm…100mm
Technical features:
Compressed air,  filtered, lubricated or non-lubricated
Operating pressure: 2… 8bar (29 … 116 psi)
Operating temperature: -2 … +70C max. (+28… +158F
Double acting with magnetic piston, adjustable cushioning.
Barrel; anodized aluminium
End Covers; pressure diecast aluminium
Piston Rod; stainless steel
Piston rod seals; PUR
Piston seals; PUR
O-rings; NBR
32 40 50 63 80
Standard strokes, standard diameter, double acting, magnetic piston rod, adjustable solid state reed switch, 5/2 way solenoid operated, solenoid return, bistable
25 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/25 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/25 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/25 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/25 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/25
50 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/50 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/50 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/50 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/50 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/50
80 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/80 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/80 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/80 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/80 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/80
100 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/100 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/100 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/100 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/100 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/100
125 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/125 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/125 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/125 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/125 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/125
160 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/160 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/160 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/160 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/160 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/160
200 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/200 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/200 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/200 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/200 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/200
250 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/250 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/250 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/250 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/250 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/250
320 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/320 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/320 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/320 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/320 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/320
400 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/400 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/400 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/400 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/400 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/400
500 PRA/882032/MIB/M4/500 PRA/882040/MIB/M4/500 PRA/882050/MIB/M4/500 PRA/882063/MIB/M4/500 PRA/882080/MIB/M4/500


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