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IMI Norgren Lintra Plus Rodless Cylinder

Lintra Plus Rodless Cylinders are the current range of rodless actuator they originated from the very first Lintra – taking its name from from linear transporter. The Lintra Plus Rodless Cylinder offers a lightweight, high strength, aluminium extrusion with integral switch rail and machine mounting grooves giving great versatility. The four carriage styles, along with eight bore sizes further this versatility throughout light to heavy duty applications.

Lintra Plus Rodless Cylinder is totally interchangeable with the previous M/46000 model, with lower weight, greater load capacity, improved end caps and carriage design, and improved sealing performance now with added dust protection to meet ATEX requirements. Ongoing product development means that existing machine life cycles can be extended without compromise on expensive conversions or increased maintenance schedules.

  • New lightweight design extrusion with universal mounting grooves
  • Proven and patented sealing system
  • Dust protection as standard 25…63mm
  • Interchangeability with series M/46000
  • 16…80mm bore
Technical features:


Compressed air,  filtered, lubricated or non-lubricated


Operating pressure: 1… 8bar (14 … 116 psi)
Operating temperature: -30 … +80C max. (-22 … +176F – Air supply must be dry enough to avoid ice formation at temperatures below +2C (+35F).


M/146000, M/146100, M/146200: Double acting with adjustable cushioning.
M/146000/M, M/146100/M, M/146200/M: Double acting with magnetic piston and adjustable cushioning.


Yoke; anodized aluminium, moulded plastic (16 & 20mm bore)
End Covers; diecast aluminium, moulded plastic (16mm bore), anodised aluminium (20 & 80mm bore)
Carriage closer & cover; aluminium diecast
Guiding bridge and profile barrel; anodised aluminium
Cover strip; PA
Seal strip, wiper, piston seals; PUR
Other seals; NBR
Mounting screws; A2E
Shim ring; stainless steel (A2)

16-25 32 40 50-80
Lintra M/146000 Internal Guide – Standard strokes, double acting
300 Made to Order M/146032/M/300 M/146040/M/300 Made to Order
400 M/146032/M/400 M/146040/M/400
500 M/146032/M/500 M/146040/M/500
600 M/146032/M/600 M/146040/M/600
700 M/146032/M/700 M/146040/M/700
800 M/146032/M/800 M/146040/M/800
900 M/146032/M/900 M/146040/M/900
1000 M/146032/M/1000 M/146040/M/1000
16-25 32 40 50-80
Lintra M/146100 External Guide – Standard strokes, double acting
300 Made to Order M/146132/M/300 M/146140/M/300 Made to Order
400 M/146132/M/400 M/146140/M/400
500 M/146132/M/500 M/146140/M/500
600 M/146132/M/600 M/146140/M/600
700 M/146132/M/700 M/146140/M/700
800 M/146132/M/800 M/146140/M/800
900 M/146132/M/900 M/146140/M/900
1000 M/146132/M/1000 M/146140/M/1000
25 32 40 50 & 63
Lintra M/146200 Precision Roller Guide – Standard strokes, double acting
300 Made to Order M/146232/M/300 M/146240/M/300 Made to Order
400 M/146232/M/400 M/146240/M/400
500 M/146232/M/500 M/146240/M/500
600 M/146232/M/600 M/146240/M/600
700 M/146232/M/700 M/146240/M/700
800 M/146232/M/800 M/146240/M/800
900 M/146232/M/900 M/146240/M/900
1000 M/146232/M/1000 M/146240/M/1000

Lintra Plus Rodless Cylinder


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