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IMI Norgren Roundline Cylinders

IMI Norgren Roundline Cylinders are ideally suited to the lighter duty, lower force applications, generally coming with buffer or fixed cushions some ranges offer upgrading to adjustable cushioning. We can offer roundline cylinders in both single acting and double acting versions. We have access to the ranges that conform to the ISO 6432 standard, whilst other ranges are to IMI Norgren’s own design saving on space.

  • Magnetic piston as standard
  • Conforms to ISO 6432
  • High strength, double crimped end cap design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Buffer or adjustable cushioning
  • Nose mounting nut and piston rod locknut as standard
Technical features:


Compressed air,  filtered, lubricated or non-lubricated


Operating pressure: 1… 10bar (14 … 145 psi)
Operating temperature: -10 … +80C max. (+14 … +176F – Air supply must be dry enough to avoid ice formation at temperatures below +2C (+35F).


Single or Double acting with magnetic piston and buffer or adjustable cushioning.


Barrel; stainless steel (austenitic)
End Covers; clear anodised aluminium alloy
Piston Rod; stainless steel (austenitic)
Buffer; PUR, Wiper; PUR, Seals; NBR

10 12 16 20 25
Standard Strokes with buffer cushioning
10 RM/8010/M/10 RM/8012/M/10 RM/8016/M/10 RM/8020/M/10 RM/8025/M/10
25 RM/8010/M/25  RM/8012/M/25 RM/8016/M/25 RM/8020/M/25 RM/8025/M/25
40 RM/8010/M/40  RM/8012/M/40 RM/8016/M/40 RM/8020/M/40 RM/8025/M/40
50 RM/8010/M/50  RM/8012/M/50 RM/8016/M/50 RM/8020/M/50 RM/8025/M/50
80 RM/8010/M/80  RM/8012/M/80 RM/8016/M/80 RM/8020/M/80 RM/8025/M/80
100 RM/8010/M/100  RM/8012/M/100 RM/8016/M/100 RM/8020/M/100 RM/8025/M/100
125  RM/8012/M/125 RM/8016/M/125 RM/8020/M/125 RM/8025/M/125
160  –  RM/8012/M/160 RM/8016/M/160 RM/8020/M/160 RM/8025/M/160
200  –  RM/8012/M/200 RM/8016/M/200 RM/8020/M/200 RM/8025/M/200
250  –  –  – RM/8020/M/250 RM/8025/M/250
16 20 25
Standard strokes with adjustable cushioning
25 RM/8017/M/25 RM/8021/M/25 RM/8026/M/25
50 RM/8017/M/50 RM/8021/M/50 RM/8026/M/50
80 RM/8017/M/80 RM/8021/M/80 RM/8026/M/80
100 RM/8017/M/100 RM/8021/M/100 RM/8026/M/100
125 RM/8017/M/125 RM/8021/M/125 RM/8026/M/125
160 RM/8017/M/160 RM/8021/M/160 RM/8026/M/160
200 RM/8017/M/200 RM/8021/M/200 RM/8026/M/200
250  – RM/8021/M/250 RM/8026/M/250

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