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Fleetfit Vehicle Fittings create simple tube connection and disconnection. This range of fittings has been designed to meet the extreme demands of use on board vehicles and as such has been validated by IMI Norgren to the following standards;

  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard ( DOT FMVSS 106)
  • Society for Automotive Engineers SAE J1131 (inch tube and fittings)
  • German TUV approval and Din 74324 (metric tube and fittings)

Body (straights), tube support, collet: Brass BS2874 CZ 121
Body (elbows, tees): Brass BS2874 CZ 122
O-ring: Buna N (low nitrile)
Thread sealant: Precoat 5

Technical Data
Operating medium: Compressed air
Maximum working pressure: 0…10 bar
Working temperature: -40C…100C
Tubing: Tube should be to DIN 74324

FleetFit Vehicle Push-in Fittings have:

  • Simple tube connection and disconnection – no tools required
  • Fewer component parts – internally machined form in body to secure collet reduces number of potential leak paths
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy identification – all collets marked with tube size
  • Reduced assembly and maintenance times provide time/labour savings
  • Greater reliability and reduced testing
  • Ease of tube insertion in areas of restricted access
  • Comply with relevant standards and legislation

FleetFit Vehicle Fittings

Metric Straight Adaptor

FleetFit Vehicle Fittings

Straight Connector (Equal)

FleetFit Vehicle Fittings

Elbow Connector (Equal)

FleetFit Vehicle Fittings

Tee Connector (Equal)

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