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IMI Norgren ISOLine™ Profile Cylinders

At Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd, we can source and supply a wide range of different sized IMI Norgren ISOLine™ Profile cylinders, some of which are stocked and available for same day despatch throughout the UK.

Their market leading range of ISO standard cylinders has been proven in the market over many years and in the most challenging environments. Backed by their standard warranty the range comes in 11 different bore sizes and offers stroke lengths of up to 3 metres.

Running costs and total cost of ownership can be optimized using low friction levels to operate at lower air pressures. In addition to their standard range, they offer up to 28 variants such as non-rotating, four position and alternative seal materials. The extensive range of accessories includes reed and solid state switches and one of the largest ranges of mountings on the market.

ISO standard cylinder ranges conforms to the following international standards:

  • ISO 15552
  • ISO 6431
  • VDMA 24562
  • NFE 49-003-1

For further information relating to ISOLine™ cylinders or any of our other items, please call us on 01603 403 190, or alternatively, email us at sales@parkerhydraulics.co.uk.

IMI Norgren ISOLine™ Configurator

Below, is a list of part numbers for the standard bore and stroke lengths, other options are available. Please contact us, to speak with a member of staff regarding this.

32 40 50 63 80
High Performance Adaptive Cushioning System “ACS” 
25 PRA/802032/M/25 PRA/802040/M/25 PRA/802050/M/25 PRA/802063/M/25 PRA/802080/M/25
50 PRA/802032/M/50 PRA/802040/M/50 PRA/802050/M/50 PRA/802063/M/50 PRA/802080/M/50
80 PRA/802032/M/80 PRA/802040/M/80 PRA/802050/M/80 PRA/802063/M/80 PRA/802080/M/80
100 PRA/802032/M/100 PRA/802040/M/100 PRA/802050/M/100 PRA/802063/M/100 PRA/802080/M/100
125 PRA/802032/M/125 PRA/802040/M/125 PRA/802050/M/125 PRA/802063/M/125 PRA/802080/M/125
160 PRA/802032/M/160 PRA/802040/M/160 PRA/802050/M/160 PRA/802063/M/160 PRA/802080/M/160
200 PRA/802032/M/200 PRA/802040/M/200 PRA/802050/M/200 PRA/802063/M/200 PRA/802080/M/200
250 PRA/802032/M/250 PRA/802040/M/250 PRA/802050/M/250 PRA/802063/M/250 PRA/802080/M/250
320 PRA/802032/M/320 PRA/802040/M/320 PRA/802050/M/320 PRA/802063/M/320 PRA/802080/M/320
400 PRA/802032/M/400 PRA/802040/M/400 PRA/802050/M/400 PRA/802063/M/400 PRA/802080/M/400
500 PRA/802032/M/500 PRA/802040/M/500 PRA/802050/M/500 PRA/802063/M/500 PRA/802080/M/500

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